Randomness, April 18, 2010

Was going to post a process piece tonight, recapping where all the stuff I’m working on is at and how it’s getting there, but today has been good enough that I’m shelving that piece and just going to try to capture a small snapshot of the day.

Lakers won, and while it wasn’t pretty, it was convincing. Big Drew was back in a big way, and Artest…well, I don’t care what voted awards that goaltending goofy-grinned Ed Hardy douche is getting from sportswriters in Orlando, Artest just took the greatest player at his position–and arguably one of the top 3 players in the entire game–and made him look like he was on the JV and realizing he still had at least another year to go before making varsity. Lakers in 5, barring injury.

KG suspended for a game, just a small interest payment on the bad karma that fucknuts has earned over the last 3 years. His retirement is going to be a serious bitch, and I’ll be smiling the whole time.

Dodgers won, Manny pinch-hit homerun in the bottom of the 8th, Kershaw looking every bit the ace he’s supposed to be someday through 8 innings.

Got good news from work today, an unexpected move by the powers that be that’s putting quality first, and I’m both pleased and surprised by the whole thing.

Got some serious momentum flowing on “The Last Star”. It won’t be done this weekend, but I finally found the hole in the page and fell in, so I know this isn’t just an exercise, it’s a real Thing.

Made the single best slow-cooked tomato/meat/wine pasta ragu I’ve ever made, it’s the love that’s the difference.

Watched U2 ZooTV in Sydney, was reminded how absolutely beyond anything else before or since that tour was…amazing rock, high theater, and a true modern evolution of opera, all in a 2 hour, 500,000 Watt package.

And in between everything else, spent most of the day with both daughters crawling all over me and laughing. It’s not hyperbole: there really isn’t anything better than that.

If I could sleep in tomorrow morning (and thus stay up late working more on “The Last Star” without too much penalty), the day would have been perfect, but I’ll settle for pretty-fucking-great with a smile on my face.


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