Well, hello there…

Not sure what happened…I’ve been behind on posting and such…and yet today has seen a spike in visitors big enough for me to restart my browser and even computer, thinking there’s a bug in WordPress’s stat display.  No such luck:  we appear to have quite a few new visitors.

So, welcome.  Make sure to check out the links along the side:  A Few Things will lay out the rules of engagement here;The Messy Divorce of Faith and Belief is a page about my short story collection of the same name, which includes the short story “The Maid”, one of the winners of Stephen King’s On Writing contest; and the Purified: Fire links are to the first five chapters of the novel I’m working on, posted as they’re finished in all their please-god-edit-me glory.

Speaking of, Chapter 6 was going to be showing up this weekend, but has proven to be the first real speed bump in this process.  It’s taken me about 3000 words to figure out where the damn thing needs to start, so I’m clearing over to a blank piece of paper this weekend and giving it another go.  At least I know what isn’t supposed to be there now.

Which is a good thing–if the entire process went as smoothly as it started, I’d start to get more than a little self-conscious, and wonder what people weren’t telling me.  I like that there’s some work and exploration happening here.  The only downside is that I already have Chapter 7 written, which is pretty fucking good (motorcycles and swords, ’nuff said), but it won’t go up until Chapter 6 is done and posted.

So, apologies for the delay.  In the meantime, if you haven’t already, take a gander at all the stuff that’s already up here on the site…turns out, though I don’t blog every day like some folk, this place has filled out quite nicely.


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