That Fat Bearded Fuck

(BTW, the title is partly in honor of the upcoming Fuck Week; celebrate as you will.)

I recently came across this quote in a book:

“You know, I’ve heard the same rumors, but really, why would I want to do that?  The movies are just fine as they are, better than fine, in fact.  Sure, even though we were breaking so much new ground at the time, we were pretty limited in what we could do, and very little of what I saw in my mind when I was writing Star Wars made it onto the screen exactly the way I wanted it to.  But art isn’t just the content, it’s the time and place it was created.  Sure, with the technology that we have today, I could go back, frame by frame, and ‘update’ them to be closer to the movie I saw in my mind, but that would completely betray the artist I was at the time, and everyone who worked on it with me, and everyone who experienced it and was moved by it.  It’s like I’d be saying that none of those experiences were valid, and need to be improved upon, when the truth is, all we would do is cheapen them.

“And as for that Han rumor, are you fucking kidding me?  He’s a smuggler, with zero honor:  he runs from the law, and doesn’t even hold to his criminal agreements.  He’s scum.  Of course he shot Greedo first, it was a cold blooded murder.  It’s the only thing that makes his redemption arc over all three movies meaningful.”

Han Shot First and Other Things We Wish That Fat Bearded Fuck Had Said (Scribner, 1997)

What a great, honorable man.  He’s one of the reasons I do what I do.

I bring that quote up because I’ve been facing a slightly similar quandry myself.  You’ll note the name of this blog, Pretentiously Eloquent Microfiction.  And it fit when I started, but it’s been nearly two months since I’ve written anything under 1000 words, let alone legit microfiction, and most have been well over 3000 words (with two noticeable 7500 and 10500 word examples just in the last two weeks).  So that bit doesn’t really work anymore.

So I was wondering:  do I change the name of the blog?  What about the “A Few Things…” permanent post, wherein I set out the rules of engagement and my mission statement, which also doesn’t appear to make much sense in light of what I’m doing right now?

But, in addition to the insight that wise man gives in that quote above, I’m still enough in awe of this rebirth of my writing to not want to mess with things too much.  I may start a new blog, somewhere down the line, depending on where the upcoming paths in my life take me, that will address where I am at that specific moment…but to try to ret-con this site to fit exactly what I’m doing this weekend, completely ignoring what I might’ve been doing when the site started, or what I might be doing two months from now…that would sully the growth that’s happened thus far.

So, it all stays.  And we’ll look back a year from now and see what makes sense then.


2 responses to “That Fat Bearded Fuck

  1. Works for me. I don’t see anything contradictory. The posts themselves are still short, by and large, independent of the longer works.

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