Now with a graded blue candy coating…

New, cooler look for the blog, for a cooler time of year.


Dumping a few key links on here; I’ve been trying to explain to someone what I mean when I say that something has stepped outside the calculus of “really, really good, approaching great”, and simply nailed greatness.

Just a card trick

For this one, I wish I could see the “studio” version, with good lighting and no audience applauding at the appropriate moments.


You’ve probably seen this before, and if you haven’t, you should’ve.  So here it is.


I prefer this to the Mexico City With or Without You, in part because the chick doesn’t try to sing along (and thus reveal to 80,000 in the audience and millions who watched that she’s tone deaf).

Greatest Ever

His recent clutchness is nothing new; we in LA have known about this for years.

Google Books is both cool and evil, and cool in its evilness

Biggest collective moment of “Good god, of course,” I’ve ever had when reading a book.


BTW, am in need of more new music, desperately.  Drop me some links in the comments or email, si vous plait.


Excelling at brevity tonight, I am.


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