Example from circa 2009

Something that’s not done yet, but might benefit from breathing a bit…


Age occurring, edges, firming, definition increasing.  The essential kept, timeless embedded, the common abandoned.  Light marking where it ends, showing the lines.

It was a birthday party, and at that exact moment, she couldn’t remember why.

The light unsteady as it fell and spread, uneven and clinging, yellow in the afternoon.  The other guests were arriving well into night; this was just for them.

She moved closer, steps slow and definite.  He hadn’t seen her yet, his head down, slightly to the side-like, kenning something on the paper before him.

The air breathed for them, choosing the tone, the tempo, the pause and gasp.  They rode, and abandoned.  He, still unaware, she, still fully.

She couldn’t see what was on the paper, what he could see.


One response to “Example from circa 2009

  1. mulling each word, indeed. It takes a few seconds to look over this sequence, but it’s been 20 minutes and I’m still rereading, seeing something different every time.

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